Buyer’s guide to pet ids


Keeping proper identification on your pet greatly increases the chance of finding your furry friend when lost. According to the American Humane Society only about 17% of dogs and 2% of cats ever find their way back from shelters to their original owners.

Girl (10-11) Sitting in a Chair and Holding a Poodle --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

There are several simple ways to improve the odds finding your pet if it ever gets lost.

  1. Keep a up to date ID tag on your pet at all times.
  2. Micro-chip your dog to insure that if it is turned into any shelter there is a clear way to contact you.
  3. Register your pet in your city or county.

Several new services are springing up, as well.

The Virtual Leash service offered by Dog Tag Art creates a web page for your pet that includes unlimited emergency contacts that can be instantly notified when someone has found your lost pet. Users can contact you via phone, email, Twitter or text message. This service costs $1 per month, but you must purchase one of their tags for about $15. Your pet’s unique web address is printed on the tag, and it is very simple to keep your contact info current.

There are approximately 9.6 million pets euthanized every year because their owners cannot be located.