We launched Find. Love. Train. to share our love of pets and to raise awareness of the difficulties that millions of animals face due to abuse and abandonment.

Our dog training methods start with an understanding of pet psychology, use positive techniques and highlight the great benefits of pet ownership. Yes, we are mainly dog focused, but we’ll include info about finding and loving a cat, too! (Training cats is another story…)

Find. Love. Train Basic Truths

These are the core tenets of the Find. Love. Train. philosophy. Stick with us and you’ll see these again and again!

  • Accept responsibility for the success or failure during training. Never blame your dog for accidents. It is up to you to be watchful and to prevent mistakes.
  • Be patient. Dogs do not know what you want them to do, you have to teach them.
    Be consistent. Dogs learn through repetition, and any behavior that is rewarded will be repeated.
  • Use fairness in all things. If your dog does not understand what you want, you have no right to correct him. Show him what you want, and praise the right behavior.
  • Train 24 hours a day. When training your dog teach them a behavior and then use it all the time in everyday life. The more you practice the faster that you will set the behaviors.
  • Be positive. Every time you interact with your dog it is learning something – whether it is negative or positive is up to you.
  • Practice attention lessons and commands. If your dog is not paying attention it can’t learn.