Hide-n-Seek Game


Hide-N-Seek is a more advanced game that reinforces name recognition and recall. hide_and_seekPlay this game often and soon your dog will seek you out every time you call. At that point you can add the word “come” when you call him.


  1. Provide every player with your dog’s favorite treats, toys and a clicker (if you use one).
  2. Have one person sit in a place out of sight, holding your dog so that he cannot see you.
  3. Hide in another room and call your dog by name.  Do not use the word “come” until you are sure that he is going to come running. You should start by calling your dog’s name in a happy, excited voice.  “Sparky!  Hurry, hurry, hurry!  Let’s go!”   When he comes running to you say, “Good puppy!  Good Come!”   At this point you can praise using the word come as Sparky is already rushing towards you.
  4. Incorporate whistling, clapping, snapping your fingers, or anything else that gets your dog excited and causes him to come running to you.
  5. If you have a helper, he should “hide” and then call the dog in the same manner.

This game can be played with only one person by waiting for Sparky to get distracted and start to wander off.  Just jump behind a doorway or into a closet and use the same technique described above.

IMPORTANT TIP: The more you yell “COME, COME, COME!” at your dog the less likely it is that he will come the first time you call him.  Every time you use the word and furry friend does not return to you are setting back your training.  This teaches your dog that he does not need to come when you first call him.  He will assume that he does not have to return to you until he’s ready.  Instead of yelling “COME”  at your dog, try other words and sounds to encourage him to return to you.

If your dog struggles with Hide-N-Seek, you can start with The Name Game and Puppy Ping-Pong.