Watch me game


Chihuahua Wearing Eyeglasses August 1999

Dogs love games, and so do we! The Watch Me Game helps to teach your dog to focus on you. All training activities depend on having your dog’s attention. If your friend is not paying attention, he will learn nothing.


  • Place a small, soft treat between your thumb and middle finger. This will leave your index finger free so that you can actually point it toward your eyes.
  • Hold the treat towards your dog nose. Let him sniff the treat.
  • Have your index finger out and raise it towards your eyes. Actually point at your eyes. Your pups nose will follow the treat. What pup/dog could resist a yummy smelling goodie?
  • When your pup makes eye contact, immediately click and treat or praise and treat.. Increase the length of time by 1-2 seconds each time.

You can increase the challenge by lengthening the amount of time your dog must stay focused before receiving the treat. Practice this often and make sure your making this rewarding for your best friend. This is one of the most important exercises that you and your dog can master.