Prepare for Potty Training Success


From the moment you decide to bring another new family member isuccess_guynto your home you must set them up for success. Those first hours or days with a new pet are stressful for both you and the dog!

  1. Bring your new pet home during a time that everyone in the home can spend a couple of days with him.Bringing a puppy or dog into your home and leaving him on his own to acclimate to new and sometimes scary surroundings never works well for you or your new friend.
  2. Choose your new friend wisely. A puppy takes much more time to teach appropriate behaviors and will not have the ability to hold his bladder as long as a mature dog. A dog that is rescued from a foster home or similar program will already have many of their basic house skills in place.
  3. You cannot expect a puppy to be able to wait for 6 or 8 hours to be let out. Even homes that have a doggie door are useless unless your dog has been taught to go in and out when necessary.
  4. Always go with your puppy outside to potty. Once he’s finished, let him run and play.
  5. Remember that with any change in environment even the best trained dog may have an accident. Even if your new pet was completely housebroken in his old home, he will still need to be shown where to eliminate, and you must learn to read the signals that tell you when your dog needs to potty.

What you’ll need to get started

  1. If you are crate training, have the appropriately sized crate ready and take the time to introduce your dog to the crate properly. (see our Crate Training Guide)
  2. Pick a spot in your yard for your dog to eliminate in your yard and always take the same path to get there. Do not have your pup go potty right next to your house or your door because this will create a life-long habit. A secluded or out of the way are will make cleanup easier and reduce the chance of tracking unwanted waste into your home.
  3. Stash a 6 ft. leash and soft treats on hand by the crate or door. You’ll use these each time you take your dog out to potty. The leash will keep your dog focused on the task at hand.

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